Trudie Kirkland

Dear Class of 2020

It is with a heavy heart your path for graduation has been altered, for we know the commitments you’ve made for such rite of passage. We feel the loss of your gatherings, the memories and friendships cut short. Given this graduates, we don’t take lightly this time honored request.

It is with tremendous respect we watch as you head out onto an altered horizon with the knowledge this world has changed before you. In the blink of an eye you have witnessed a global shift in humanity and completed an accelerated course in pandemic division. You might also sense the podium before you which anticipates what you can offer. Such a task may seem daunting among these uncharted waters; jobs lost, cities shut, countries eerily still. But know this. Enormous opportunity percolates among the immensity of change. You need only look now at Nature as she dazzles us with such speed of renewal. This is the great secret of adversity.

Back in 1997 we knew you were extraordinary souls when we first held you. We watched your awareness grow and recognized your curiosity and drive. We have always known your challenges and might, your sensational humor and emerging character. We followed your interests and for a while, kept pace alongside your millennium footsteps. Never has a graduating class been held in such high esteem with our future in mind. Never have we been more ready for your gifts of ingenuity and strength. Now is the time to take the next step and simply offer who you are; the optimists, the challengers, the front runners, the game changers, the still waters, the organizers, the free thinkers, the influencers, the fashionistas, the ground breakers and the leaders you’ve been all your life.

This is also a time we offer you this promise: We promise to be grateful for your courage, your struggles, your ideas, your provisions and contributions, your passions and talents, your grit, your confidence and your integrity as you journey forward. Without doubt, we can assure you, there will be challenges and roadblocks, but you are built for them …and you will find your way. So, take your honored place and stand tall at the precipice, for greatness has stood here before you. This world waits. Remember graduates, you can elevate any moment before you and your chances to succeed, by offering the gifts God has given alongside the work you have done. Never forget to give thanks for the position you are in as this new global paradigm takes shape.
For you hold the key.
Be brave. Be creative. Be well.
Love Mom

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