Sami McLaughlin ’13

Dear Panthers, I’m so sorry your senior seasons ended so abruptly and without warning. I know many of you have been training endlessly to have a fantastic last season. Right now, you’re probably angry, disappointed, or even inconsolable. But I want you to know, it will get better. Chapman athletics were more important to me than anything else. The friendships, the hard work, the coaches, the games were all the heart of my college experience. As an alumni, you won’t dwell on the games you lost or the bad practices you had. You won’t recall the times you missed a goal, got disqualified, or made an incomplete pass. You’re going to remember how it felt winning THAT one game. You’re going to remember pasta dinners and the plethora of inside jokes accumulated over the years. You’re going to remember the relationships you made and the support system you could always rely on. Right now, it sucks and there is no doubt you’re upset. But I promise you, all the years will blur into one big happy memory no matter what sport you played, and that happy memory will take precedent over your feelings right now. You’re not alone. Stay in touch with your team and other seniors. The relationships you make now last a lifetime.