Kimberly Menninger

Congratulations Chapman Class of 2020 and a big shout out to my daughter Tori Menninger and her fellow Kappa graduates!|We are so proud of all of you!!!|Tori, what an amazing four years you have had! |Three travel abroad experiences, a Peace Studies Major, with a double Minor in Holocaust Studies and English and now an eye towards screen writing. This spring semester has required a new found courage and resilience from each of you to overcome the challenges of on line classes and the disappointments of missing out on all that was planned. We grieve those losses with you but are also so proud that you have not only succeeded in your studies but that your creativity has thrived in these uncertain times. |Tori, you are smart, talented and full of original ideas that need to be shared with this world. |I can’t wait to see what you do next. It is time now, for all of you, to launch your plans and succeed in the real world. We love you, wish you best and know that each of you will be more successful than you ever dreamed because you have been through the fire and come out stronger than ever before. You are unflappable! |GO CHAPMAN CLASS OF 2020!!!!