Kaitlyn Raymundo ’19

I wish I was writing to you under better circumstances, but I am wishing everyone all the best during this tough time. As tough as it is for many of us, I can’t imagine being in your shoes. Almost a year ago, we were graduating and now its crazy to think that we almost took all of that for granted given the current circumstances. I do want to offer you some words of encouragement. As amazing as the time on the court was, the best part about being a Chapman Panther was the relationships that were formed and the shared experiences. Wherever you were in your season or college career, I hope that you formed some unbreakable friendships and can look forward to creating more memories with those special people. My teammates have become my greatest friends and we may be more connected now than ever with our weekly Facetime calls and constant meme sharing. If you’re lucky enough to be staying home right now, I must say that it has been so much easier to stay consistently connected these days as we can find time to reach out. I hope you’re doing that and making some different types of memories now with some of your best friends.