Jenny Gritton ’19

I remember it rained on my graduation day. I was so bummed! I spent the entire week leading up to my graduation checking the weather, hoping the rain forecast would change, but it didn’t budge. Sure enough, the clouds rolled in and it rained during our entire ceremony; but instead of bringing a dreary gloom or ruining our big day, it actually made the day so much more special.

Something about the uniqueness of the situation (we all know it basically never rains in Orange) and the strength of our excitement and pride overcoming the weather made that day something I’ll never forget. Despite the circumstances, we were too happy to let anything ruin our accomplishments. It made me realize it wasn’t about the moment I walked across the stage. It was about the four years that got me there.

You have the greatest chance of all to graduate college in a way you will NEVER forget. I don’t think any class will ever experience what the class of 2020 is experiencing (at least, I sure as hell hope not). Your graduation is the most unique and the most special graduation of all of us, and I’m sure you’ll be telling stories of how you graduated college under quarantine for the rest of your life. I hope you take this opportunity to realize that it’s not about today–it’s about the years of work, effort, passion, and fun that got you here.

Congratulations, class of 2020! Go kick some ass!