Jasmine Skipworth ’16

To the class of 2020, just know it’s okay you feel cheated out of the senior experience. Just know no one expects you to feel grateful when all you feel is disappointment. And yet, someday…just someday in the future, I hope for you that you find a way to appreciate something about this experience. Maybe you’ll remember the gentle and simultaneously fierce sense of excitement on day 1 of senior year. Maybe you’ll know this – this moment right here – is what gave you your gift of perseverance. Maybe you’ll have deep friendships that last a lifetime because no one else in the world will ever better understand you. Maybe you’ll laugh in remembering the weirdness of the situation. One day you’ll know that, even though you didn’t choose this experience, maybe it chose you. Cheers to your hard work and dedication of the last four years. Congratulations!