Hung Do

CONGRATULATIONS to the Class of 2020!

You have worked hard and endured a tough four-year journey. I am certain that you will look back on graduation from Chapman as one of the major accomplishments in your life. You did it!||As you venture out from Chapman to start your career path, I want to provide you with some simple guiding principles as you move into your future. First, have a passion and thirst for knowledge. Never stop learning. Whether it is healthcare policy, business acumen, or industry knowledge, your success will come from the skills you have and the ability to distinguish yourself above all others. I encourage you to utilize every spare minute of everyday to learn new things, to expand your horizons and know more than you knew the day before. Always strive to be the expert in your field. Remember, knowledge and skills give you insight, which makes you more valuable to those around you.

Second, always step outside your comfort zone. Never stop stretching your boundaries and be confident in yourself to achieve. Successful people embrace risk and learn from their mistakes. Avoiding risk is allowing yourself to become mediocre. Making a mistake is never a bad thing. You will never be measured or judge by a single mistake. The only people who never make a mistake are the ones who do nothing.

Third, be confident in yourself. Know your ability and strengths as well as weaknesses. Be honest with yourself and how you can strengthen your credential where others will respect you for it. If you need help, reach out to individuals that you trust and listen to their recommendations.

Fourth, be a team player and build strong relationships. Relationships are the key in everything you do. Treat others with respect in all situations. Listen carefully to their comments. Approach every interaction as either an opportunity to learn from someone or to mentor someone. Never miss an opportunity to establish a relationship that will be valuable to you. Always seek out those you respect to help mentor you. A mentor is someone who is more skilled in the field you are interested and can help you navigate the every day challenges that you will encounter.

Lastly, be resilient. The most successful people are some of the most resilient, the ones that quickly bounce back after a crushing blow or a minor setback. You are entering the world today in a complex challenge where you will need to be resilient. Remember that failures and mistakes are part of life and use them as a learning experience. Stay grounded in your values and be adaptable.||As I reflected on these principles, I could not help to relate those back to my own experience and defining moments that helped pattern and shape the successes in my career after graduating from Chapman. I wish each of you much success and the ability to impact many lives in the community. Congratulations once again.

All my best,

Hung Do