Garrett Aanestad ’16 & ’19

Congratulations, to you all who make up the Chapman University Class of 2020. Your accomplishments are unique and already a statement for your resumes, for what you have had to endure and overcome these last few months. ||I want to share a portion of Mother Teresa’s “Anyway” poem; something I often reflect on during tough times in life. ||”The good you do today, people will often forget tomorrow; Do good anyway.”||When you get into the “real world”, your environments will change. No matter how good, or how bad things may get, always remember that you are responsible for your actions. You control your actions and reactions. When you get out there, stay true to yourself and your character; because you define yourself through the life you live. ||Even though you may be crossing the “finish line” by graduating, you also become another part of the Chapman Family. Chapman is always here for you, and will always be a place that played an instrumental part in your life. I look forward to getting to see those of you who stay engaged with Chapman, and building even more relationships within our Chapman Family. Cheers to you all!